5 Gadgets You Must Bring When Homecoming, Don't Miss It!


Homecoming before Eid  is one of the most awaited traditions, but many are also less enthusiastic about welcoming it because the journey is long and tiring. No need to worry, because thanks to the help of technology and gadgets, your homecoming trip doesn't have to be boring.

Gadgets that are brought when going home are not only to provide entertainment, but can also make your trip safer and more comfortable. From cellphones to dashcams, here are five gadgets that you must take with you when you go home, don't miss it!

1. Phone with big battery and NFC

Cell phones or cell phones have now become part of everyday life. It's no wonder that this gadget is a device that provides the most benefits in making homecoming trips more comfortable.

For travelers who pass by land routes, cellphones can be used to help navigate with a map application, play entertainment in the form of music or radio, capture moments during the trip, check traffic information on social media, and much more.

Also make sure the phone you are using has a large battery capacity so you don't have to worry about running out of power when stuck on the road or while waiting for a delayed flight.

Oh yes, mobile phones with NFC must also be carried by travelers who use land routes because they are very useful for refilling electronic money if they run out in the middle of the road. Some phones with large batteries and NFC include Poco M4 Pro, Redmi Note 11, Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, and many more.

2. Power bank

Even though you have brought a cellphone with a jumbo battery, sometimes unwanted things still happen, namely running out of battery. So that's why a power bank is one of the accessories that you must carry when going home and on long trips.

Power banks are not only useful for charging cellphones anywhere and anytime but can also get around conditions where there is no plug available, for example when spending hours in a car or plane.

Fortunately, nowadays power banks with capacities of 6,000 to 10,000 mAh are increasingly affordable. Not only that, the design is getting thinner and carries many features such as fast charging, USB-C, and others.

3. Car charger

Even though you have brought a power bank, a car charger is still a must-have product when going home for Eid. Especially if those who are going home are one big family, it's impossible for everyone to rely on just one or two power banks.

For this reason, a car charger can be a solution for the above limitations because it can be more flexible and can be used to recharge or power various devices.

When choosing a car charger for going home, make sure the product has multiple ports so that it can be used to charge multiple devices at once. Also look for one that offers high-speed charging.

4. Dashcam

If this one gadget is guaranteed to make your homecoming trip safer. Not just accessories, dashcams can monitor and record events during the trip like CCTV.

This device will be very helpful when you face problems during your homecoming trip, for example when you are involved in an accident or find an arrogant driver. Because everything has been recorded by the dashcam, you don't have to worry anymore because you already have the evidence.

Dashcams available in the market today vary in price, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah. The features offered are even more sophisticated such as Full HD camera, wide viewing angle, night vision, GPS, and others.


This is not a gadget that is brought when going home, but must be installed at home when going home. The function of surveillance cameras or CCTV is no less important than the gadgets above because they can be a second eye to keep an eye on the house from afar.

It is undeniable that the Lebaran homecoming season is a time that is prone to robbery because many houses are empty. Moreover, if the housing security guard also takes a day off and does not guard for 24 hours, the condition of the house can be more vulnerable.

For this reason, installing CCTV is an obligation so that you can go home calmly and worry-free. With CCTV, you can monitor the condition of your home just by accessing the application on your cellphone.

Currently, CCTV available in the market is also getting smarter with features such as night vision, 360-degree coverage, and motion sensors. Prices and brands also vary, ranging from Xiaomi, Bardi, TP-Link, and many more.


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