How to check traffic jams for those who are going home for Eid

 Are you commuting? If so, it is mandatory to know how to check traffic jams to make the homecoming trip more comfortable. One of the most common ways is to use Google Maps.

As part of Google, Google Maps does not only offer the usual mapping services. There is satellite imagery, navigation, and the ability to view real-time traffic.

There are so many features, unfortunately not everyone understands how to use Google Maps to check traffic jams. Quoted from the official Google website, Monday (4/25/2022) here's how to check traffic:

1. Open the Google Maps app

2. Touch the stacked square icon on the right of the map

3. Later there will be a number of options, now you select 'traffic' to see the traffic jam

4. There will be color lines along the road to determine if the road is jammed or not.

The meanings of the colors in the lines have different meanings:

Green: smooth roads, no obstacles in the way

Orange: traffic is quite heavy

Red: there is a traffic delay alias jammed. The darker the red color displayed, the more traffic jams.

Usually Google Maps also provides information when there is an accident or other incident. An icon will appear and provide a description.

You can also access Google Maps not only from the application, you can also go through the Google Maps website Make sure the data package is available because to see Google Maps in real-time must be done online.

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