Tips for Taking Panoramic Photos Using Your Phone for Stunning Results


Panoramic photos are indeed a choice of photos to produce a stunning image. No need to use a professional camera, photographing a panorama can also use a cellphone as long as you know the tricks.

Indeed, taking panoramic photos using a cell phone is not as easy as one might think. In addition to repeated exercises, the use of a capable device is also a determining factor for good panoramic photos.

Even so, as reported by the Photography Academy, there are some tips and tricks to produce beautiful panoramic photos even if you only use a cellphone, what are they?

Try Lower Photos

The first thing to know is that cellphone cameras usually have a lens with a large angle. Because of that a little 'bend' can make the subject much more interesting. Take advantage of the thirds overlay on the phone which will help keep photos straight.

Also try to create a beautiful balance for the photo by having the background in the lower third of the camera. With this trick, it is possible that the resulting photo will be sharper and more attractive.

Wait for Sunrise or Sunset

Indeed, the atmosphere of sunrise or sunset is one of the right moments to take panoramic photos. This is because a sunrise or sunset will add contrast to the scene by placing larger shadows and dramatic colors into the sky.

Use the phone's built-in HDR feature which is capable of capturing all the different colors of the sky and landscape. This condition will certainly make every photo that is taken gives stunning results.

Focus Image

Just like DSLR cameras, cellphones have problems focusing on objects in the image due to shadows. Even so, most phone cameras are great for evening out exposures and making sure there's enough detail in objects.

Therefore, try tapping the phone screen first to get the focus and adjust the light in the camera frame. For example, a darker one would require more saturation to capture a better image.

Use Apps to Eliminate Distractions

In a landscape photo there may be some distractions that get in the way of a good view once the photo has been taken. To overcome this, usually the photos will be directly edited using several downloaded applications or the default application.

Some cellphones are actually also equipped with features that allow users to remove unwanted objects from a photo. One of the phones that can do this is the Samsung Galaxy A73 5G.

This can be done thanks to the Object Eraser feature on the Galaxy A73 5G camera. Thanks to this feature, the Galaxy A73 5G is able to eliminate unwanted objects in photos in real time, so users can see directly photos that are no longer disturbed at all.

Regarding the camera, the Samsung A73 5G is also not kidding because it has a 108 MP resolution with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) features. The camera is coupled with 3 other cameras, namely 12MP ultra wide, 5MP depth sensor, and 5MP macro.

Not to mention the addition of other features such as the AI-powered dual-lens feature that will make photos more lively and bokeh effects to make the image look more live portrait.

In terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy A73 is armed with a Snapdragon 778G chipset with an Adreno 642L GPU. The chipset is supported by 8GB RAM capacity with 256 GB ROM which can be added with MicroSD up to 1 TB.

To make it even more exciting and fun, Samsung has embedded a 6.7-inch FHD+ Super Amoled screen on the Galaxy A73 5G. This screen is combined with a 120 Hz refresh rate and Infinity-O display. The design is also beautiful with 3 color choices.

In terms of durability, the Galaxy A73 5G is equipped with a 5,000 mAh battery with a 25 W fast charging feature. This phone is also IP67 certified so it is resistant to splashing water and dust. With this certification, the Galaxy A73 5G can also dive into water to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

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