Unique Wedding Traditions in South Korea, from Clothing Colors to Money Gifts for Bride and Groom


Marriage is a sacred moment that many people want, both men and women. In every wedding that takes place in various countries, of course there is each unique tradition that distinguishes it from other countries.

However, there are also some unique wedding traditions that may be similar to wedding traditions in other countries. Talking about wedding traditions, South Korea itself has several unique traditions regarding marriage, you know. Here are some of them!

Clothing Color

Launching The Knot, at a Korean wedding ceremony, clothing is one of the most important elements. Usually, the bride and groom wear traditional clothes called Hanbok.

The groom must wear a blue Hanbok, while the bride must wear a red Hanbok. Not without reason, this combination of red and blue symbolizes the balance of 'energy' between the two.

Meanwhile, the mother of the bride usually wears clothes with warm tones such as pink or purple. Then, the mother of the groom will wear clothes in blue, gray, or green as reported by Brides.

Wedding Money Gift

The tradition of giving money as a wedding gift is also a common tradition in South Korea, you know. Launching Brides, traditionally, the bride and groom will receive many blessings from their parents, as well as cash as a wedding gift.

Meanwhile, for the invited guests who attend, they can give a white envelope containing cash which is placed in a special pouch for the bride and groom.

Bringing Wild Goose

Before the wedding ceremony, there is a unique tradition where the groom will give a wild goose to the mother of the bride. According to The Knot, this tradition is known as jeonan-rye, as a symbol of the agreement that the groom will take care of the bride for the rest of his life. While in modern wedding traditions, the groom can also give a pair of miniature swans made of wood.

Serving Noodles at Weddings

Generally, when attending a wedding reception, you will find a variety of dishes served. However, this is different with the wedding tradition in Korea.

At a Korean wedding banquet, there is a 'must' dish of noodle dishes. Launching The Knot, noodles symbolize hope for a long and happy life, where the noodles served are long noodles, topped with vegetables and boiled in beef broth.

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