Get ready, Robert Pattinson will continue to star in The Batman 2

 The Batman 2 will return to greet loyal Batman fans. Warner Bros. also confirmed that the project will return with Robert Pattinson as the main character.

Not only Pattinson, director Matt Reeves is also still in this project. This was announced by Toby Emmerich, as Chariman of The Warner Bros. Pictures, in the presentation session of Warner Bros. and DC at CinemaCon 2022, (26/4) US time.

"I'm excited to share the news that Matt, Rob Pattinson and the rest of the team will be bringing audiences back to Gotham with The Batman 2," said Emmerich.

He then continued his gratitude to Matt for bringing Batman, becoming one of the iconic superheroes with a new vision that resonated with audiences, until The Batman succeeded in breaking box office records worldwide.

"Every part of this journey has been thrilling for me as a filmmaker and a huge fan of this character," said Reeves, who was also present at CinemaCon. "I'm excited to re-enter this world for the next chapter."

Well, can't wait to see what kind of sequel this is, huh? Has The Batman, featuring the figure of Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) in his second year as The Dark Knight, met your expectations?

As additional information, the ending of The Batman, which was released in early March, can indeed leave questions and the continuation may be clarified in the sequel later.

Like the continuation of the appearance of the Joker, played by Barry Keoghan, as well as the power vacuum in Gotham that opens opportunities for Penguin.

We look forward to it together!

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