7 Fun Activity Ideas You Can Do With Your Family When Going Homecoming


At the moment of Eid or Eid al-Fitr in 2022, the community has been allowed to carry out homecoming. Of course, this moment has been long awaited by people who have been holding back for 2 years from going home as a form of preventing the transmission of the virus.
Homecoming itself is a tradition that is part of the community's annual agenda to welcome Eid. Even so, the government still imposes travel conditions for people who want to go home on condition that they have carried out booster vaccinations.

Besides being a tradition, going home is also a momentum for everyone who is overseas to gather together and establish friendship with family. Not infrequently, several families plan to go home together so that the atmosphere of Eid in their hometown is warmer and livelier.

Of course, this moment should not be missed. Here are 7 fun activities that you can do with your family when going back to your hometown. Come on, see!

Hunting for Royal Money

When celebrating Eid home, one of the things that should not be missed is hunting for money at family gatherings or gatherings at large family homes. This activity is usually the most awaited moment by children or those who have not worked.

Visiting Grandma's Garden

Another activity that should not be missed while going home is visiting grandmother's garden. Yup, this is because most of the family's work in their hometown is farming.

There are lots of fun things to do when you go to grandma's garden, such as harvesting fruit or helping to clean up the garden, you know! Besides being able to feel the beautiful atmosphere of your hometown, you can also learn to be a farmer at the same time!

Visiting Tourist Attractions

Homecoming or returning home can also be a place to travel to tourist attractions in your hometown. Starting from agrotourism, nature tourism, to historical tourism, this could be an interesting idea that you can do with your extended family during Eid.

Not only visiting tourist attractions, trying various types of culinary specialties in your hometown can also be an additional agenda that must be done.

Eating together

When going home to your hometown, of course this will be a gathering moment for people who have migrated. It's not complete if the family gathers without eating together, for example ngeliwet. Of course this will be an exciting and warm moment.

Even more exciting, eating together is done by sitting on the floor and eating on banana leaves. This will add a warm and intimate impression when eating together.

Watching movies
Watching movies together outside can be an option for other exciting activities that you can do with your family when you return home. Watching movies together in the family room can be a moment of quality time with family. In addition, during Eid, various types of films will be shown on television, ranging from new films to old films.

Playing games

Another fun activity that you can do with your family while going back to your hometown is playing games. In addition to being fun, playing games can build your closeness with family that previously could only be found on a cellphone screen. You can bring various games at home, such as monopoly, PlayStation, to UNO and play them with relatives who are still small or in their teens.

Group photo

Last but not least, group photos are also an agenda that should not be missed when going home. Whatever the activity and with whom, taking pictures is a must. Because photos will be moments that can be remembered all the time, especially for those of you who can't go home every year. Taking photos with your family by ordering them according to age or generation can be an interesting idea!

So, those were 7 ideas for fun activities that you can do with your family while going home. Happy gathering with family!
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