These 4 activities become 'sad medicine' when you have to go abroad for Eid

Homecoming or returning home is something that is highly anticipated before Eid. After a year of wandering in the city or in another country, you finally have the opportunity to return to your hometown and meet your extended family. Moreover, in 2022, the government is loosening travel regulations by providing conditional homecoming permits.

However, due to several obstacles, not all overseas children can return to their hometown. But don't be sad, because you can still make your Eid a little colorful even though you're overseas. How to? Come on!

1. Make a cake or Eid special dish

Even though Eid is in a boarding house, you still need to liven up your Eid atmosphere by providing special Eid dishes, such as snow white cake, nastar, kastengel, opor ayam and lontong. To be practical, you can buy it or you can also invite fellow immigrants who don't come home to cook together.

2. Buy Food Stock for Eid

Usually during Eid some shopping places are temporarily closed, and stalls near boarding houses can close for days. So you really have to stock up on food during Eid so you don't go hungry.

Choose foods that are practical and can be stored for several days, such as frozen food, shredded, breads and noodles. Not bad can save the stomach when many are closed, right?

3. Send Eid Greetings and Family Video Calls

Even though you can't release your longing directly to your family at home, you can give Eid greetings via WhatsApp family groups. You can also make video calls with your parents.

So, with technological advances that can penetrate the boundaries of space and time, you can treat your longing through technology. Make sure your internet connection is stable.

4. Gathering to Friends Overseas

So that you don't get bored spending time at the boarding house, you can visit your boarding friends who also don't go home or visit a friend's house who is a local resident there.

In addition, you can invite your friends to take a walk around the local area, while the roads are also not jammed. So, even though you don't have time to go home this Eid, it doesn't mean you just lock yourself in a boarding house, right?

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