Don't Be Stubborn, Here Are 5 Introvert Tips To Resign After Eid!


There are many factors that make a person uncomfortable and want to resign immediately, then look for a new job. Moreover, Eid moments like this are one of the right moments to resign to your superiors.

However, resigning is not as easy as you might think, especially for someone with an introverted personality. Well, if you are feeling that way, here are five tips to resign to your boss as reported from Indeed!

1. Discuss your Resign Plan with your boss

In addition to starting work, resignation must also be done in a good way, Beauties. Therefore, you must communicate your resignation plan with your superiors well. Although this method is a little difficult to do because of your introverted personality, there is nothing wrong with trying, you know.

You can express your desire as well as the reason why you chose to resign directly to your boss. Choose sentences that are simple but to the point so that you are comfortable when talking to your boss.

2. Avoid Things That Make Things Worse

Not all work environments have a comfortable atmosphere. In addition to job demands and inappropriate salaries, office colleagues are also one of the reasons why someone chooses to resign.

This can happen to you who have an introvert personality. Even if you are planning to resign, you should not make a fuss or fight with an office colleague who you think is very annoying. Because, this can worsen your situation and self -image later.

3. Complete All Your Responsibilities

Before resigning, don't forget to complete all your responsibilities, Beauties. This will be a positive assessment of your performance even if you rarely hang out or talk a little while in the office. Therefore, before submitting a resignation letter to your boss, don’t forget to finish your work first, yes.

4. Create a Resign Letter

The next tip is to make a good and polite written resignation letter. This is one of the mandatory administrative processes that must be done by workers in general. If you do not make a resignation letter and it suddenly disappears, then this can interfere with your resignation process.

Write down a logical reason why you chose to resign. On the cover of the letter, don't forget to write your thanks and appreciation while working in the office. As a personal introvert, you're definitely more comfortable conveying everything through writing, aren't you?

5. Don't Forget to Say Goodbye

Despite having an introverted personality, there's nothing wrong with saying goodbye to all your office colleagues, you know, Beauties. Just like the first tip, you can choose a simple sentence to be more comfortable when saying goodbye.

In addition to being a culture, this action is also one of the ways you appreciate colleagues who have worked with or helped you while working in the office.

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