Beauty Standard Alias Beauty Standard Is Vain To Follow, Here's The Reason!


Social media has changed women's views on beauty standards. As a result, many people feel insecure about their own appearance.

In fact, minder because the beauty standard is useless, you know! If you force yourself to follow it, the sacrifices you make are not commensurate with the benefits you will get. You do not necessarily get the recognition as expected even though you have desperately changed yourself.

Here are 4 reasons why beauty standards are useless to follow. Come on, take notes and remember!

Beauty Standards Are Cultural Bias

Many people believe that one's beauty depends on cultural judgment. Most Asians probably agree that beautiful women should be white. However, a journal in Pubmed entitled Indoor Tanning Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Among Young Adults From 1988-2007 said that most Americans agree that dark skin is actually more attractive than pale skin.

The study by June K Robinson, Julie Kim, Sara Rosebaum and Sara Ortiz showed that 81 percent of women felt they were sexier when tanning or darkening procedures.

Reported from the Psychology Today page, Judy Scheel Ph.D., L.C.S.W., CEDS says that people tend to follow how the appearance of beauty figures often appear in the media. In Asia, figures appearing on television have white skin, because white skin has long implied well-being and dark skin implies an inability to buy care products. In contrast, the figures appearing in the western media very much present Caucasian figures who darken their skin because dark-skinned people in the United States are considered to look healthier.

If the beauty does not remain in each culture, it is better to maintain your own uniqueness!

Beauty Standards Are Always Changing to Adapt to the Times

Beauty standards are always changing over time. According to the CNN page, obese women were considered beautiful in the 17th century because they were thought to produce many offspring. In the Victorian era of 1800-1900, beautiful women were those who were pale skinned and had very small waists. If the 1970s the media was filled with skinny-bodied celebrities, in the 1990s athletic-bodied models were role models for every woman.

If you look at it today, everyone has their own ideal body reference, but that doesn't mean they don't have the desire to change their natural physique. In fact, the extra changes that you strive for today to achieve your dream ideal body are not necessarily the ideal type in the future.

This is one of the reasons why beauty standards are useless to follow. Are you sure your strong physique is always changed to keep up with changing trends?

Beauty Standard Is Useless To Follow, Here's The Reason!

Beauty Standard Will Make You Always Feel Less Beautiful

Judging the standard of beauty is like looking for a winner in a race. However, criteria that are constantly changing and impossible to find at once in a person naturally make it like a race that will have no winner.

Among the many tall women, small women have become an attraction in their own right and have become the standard of dream beauty in some western countries. Among the many people with small noses, long pointed noses are a dream in Asian countries.

Meanwhile, above the sky there is still the sky. There will always be people who are taller, whiter, thinner than you. Instead of making you confident, you will hear many comparisons that make you much more insecure anymore.

In addition, the more people try to have the same body shape and facial features, beauty standards will once again set unique standards that are even more difficult to achieve so that there are the most prominent figures to be displayed in the media.

If it's like this, it's like a vicious circle, right?

How many skin whitening beauty ads have you come across? The answer is, definitely more than once at least once in the last week. Many skincare ads carry a skin lightening message because they adjust to the high level of public interest in white skin.

The danger is that this high interest in whites has prompted businessmen to sell care products that contain mercury. There are at least seven brands of face creams that contain mercury but are very popular in the market. This proves how the myth of beauty in society can be used as a tool to manipulate consumers to spend their money. Don't want to be deceived by myths and end up hurting your own skin, Beauties!

Those are 4 reasons why beauty standards are useless to follow. Instead of becoming self-confident, your feelings of inferiority and dissatisfaction become more so. In fact, physical beauty is not eternal. The charm and essence of true elegance truly radiates from character and disposition.

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