Beware of Hungry Eyes! 5 Things You Should Not Always Buy When Eid Arrives

 In a few days we will celebrate Eid Idulfitri. Of course, we have made all the preparations to celebrate the holy day.

Eid is the moment we have been waiting for after fasting for 30 full days in this month of Ramadan. Some activities such as decorating the house, cooking and shopping for new items become a series of routine activities carried out on the eve of Eid.

At least some things such as new clothes, shoes, new bags, new prayer tools and others must be there during Eid. But in addition to all the preparations that we do, we must also apply some tips to manage Eid money. One of them is not hungry to buy new items.

Don't be hungry! 5 Things You Should Not Buy When Eid Arrives

Appearing different on Eid is legal, but not all items have to be brand new, you know. You avoid hungry eyes, here are the items that you should not always buy before Eid.

1. New Tablecloth

On the day of Eid, a series of special dishes such as ketupat, Eid cakes and other Eid specialties are definitely served at the dining table. Therefore, buying a new tablecloth is usually a must to make the dining table look more lively.

In fact, tablecloths are one of the items that are not required to be purchased when Eid arrives. To beautify the dining table, you can use the tablecloth that is already in your home. If you want to look cleaner, you can wash the existing tablecloths first.

2. New Tableware

One of the smart shopping tips before Eid is to sort out the items that need to be bought. Just like tablecloths, new tableware is also not obligatory to always buy new, you know, every Eid arrives.

You can use the cutlery in the house. Instead of buying new cutlery, you should use your THR for other basic needs.

3. New Furniture

Decorating the house is also a routine activity done before Eid. Again, because we are often hungry, we often decide to buy new home furniture such as new sofas, new carpets or new dining table with the excuse of wanting a different atmosphere during Hari Raya Idulfitri.

You should avoid this waste. Buying new furniture every Eid is something you don't need to do as long as the items in your home are still usable.

4. New Makeup

To look beautiful and glowing on Eid is certainly the dream of all women. But, that doesn't mean all makeup equipment should be bought new.

Trying a new makeup look to look different on Hari Raya is possible. But it's good, we just use the makeup equipment that we already have before.

5. New Worship Equipment

Another item that should not be new is the equipment of worship. Usually, before Eid we are busy shopping for new clothes and new worship equipment, when in fact we can use the sajadah, mukena, or peci that we bought in the previous year.

Reducing spending on new worship equipment is a smart shopping tip ahead of Eid. So, if it is still good and fit to use, you should not need to buy new worship equipment.

Those are the items that you don't always have to buy during Eid as well as some tips to manage Eid money that you can apply. Happy Hari Raya Idulfitri 1443 H!

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