Android 13 Will Have A Built -in Scan For Devices From Malicious Applications Feature

 In Android 12, Google has included a security hub for Pixel users called Security Hub. It displays the security status of the user’s device, access permissions granted, screen lock settings and more.

In Android 13, Google will combine the security and privacy settings section in one section called Security & privacy.

In Security & privacy, there will be action cards that warn users about device security risks that need to be taken into account. Notifications will also be sent to the user and a device scan button will also be included so that the user can scan the device when necessary or when suggested. It’s like Device Care on a Samsung device with One UI, which is one place for everyone to manage devices.

In addition, Android 13 will also delete the history of the clipboard (clipboard, where to copy and paste saved) automatically. The image selection system when users want to share to other applications or social media is updated so that only selected images or videos can access and cannot access the entire internal storage of the device. It’s like iOS that can give access to selected files or direct access to all.

It is currently uncertain whether it will be limited to Pixel devices or independent device manufacturers using this feature to be implemented on any Android 13 based operating system.

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