Apex Legends Mobile Ready to Launch, Here's the Date


Had released a soft launch in several countries, now Apex Legends Mobile is ready to launch globally. Gamers can enjoy it on Google Play Store and App Store, on May 17, 2022.

Even so, players can still pre-register, to be able to get various rewards. There are at least eight prizes that can be owned, if it reaches the registration milestone number.

Some of them are Teeth Cutter - Epic R99 Skin (5 million registrants), Molten Earth - Epic Skin (10 million registrants) or Sunfire Initiate - Epic Skin (25 million registrations. Until this news was made, there have been a total of around 14 million gamers join, quoted by us from the official website of Electronic Arts, Thursday (12/5/2022).

For players who haven't been lucky enough to try early access, the developer has released a new cinematic video with a duration of 2 minutes 56 seconds. Featuring the mechanics and abilities of the Legends, as the characters in Apex Legends PC and mobile versions are called.

It's just that, before deciding to register, it's a good idea for players to check the performance of their respective devices. You can also prepare the minimum specs, so you can enjoy this shooting game made by EA.

HP Specs for Playing Apex Legends Mobile


Snapdragon 435/ Hisilicon Kirin 650/ Mediatek Helio P20/ Exynos 7420

Android 6.0

Open GL 3.1 or higher


At least 2GB RAM


iPhone 6S or later

11.0 or higher



At least 2GB RAM

"Because Apex Legends Mobile is made specifically for mobile, there is no cross-play feature with console or PC versions of Apex Legends," said EA.

Meanwhile, early access for this game ended on May 6. So that when players enter the game, there will be a notification that the soft launch period has ended and wait for the official version to be released on 17 May.

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