Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse May 15-16, 2022, this is the location


There are four eclipses that will occur in 2022, one of which is a total lunar eclipse 'blood moon'. How does the process of a total lunar eclipse occur, when, and in the area where this natural phenomenon occurs?

A total lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon when the moon, earth, and sun are in a straight line, where the moon enters completely into the shadow of the earth's core / umbra.

So that no sunlight can be reflected on the surface of the moon.

This phenomenon is also often dubbed the blood moon or when translated it is the blood moon. Total lunar eclipses tend to be reddish in color due to Rayleigh refraction, the selective refraction of sunlight by the Earth's atmosphere.

"When on the opposite side of the earth that experiences daylight, the sun's rays will travel a longer path than the side of the earth that experiences daylight, so that sunlight reaching the moon will be refracted to longer wavelengths in the light spectrum. visible is the red spectrum," he said.

Meanwhile, the total lunar eclipse can be reddish orange due to dust and poor air quality at the observation location.

Meanwhile, a total lunar eclipse can also be dull red to brownish in color, if the quality at the observation location is clean of dust.

This eclipse is the 34th eclipse of 72 eclipses in the 131 saros cycle. The maximum magnitude (width) of this edition of the eclipse can reach 141.37% of the diameter of the moon for the umbra and 237.26% of the diameter of the moon for the penumbra.

The center of the moon is 25.32% of the diameter of the earth's umbra south of the center of the earth's umbra. Here are the contact times for each phase of the eclipse:

The total lunar eclipse will peak on May 15, 2022, which can be seen in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East (except eastern Iran), New Zealand, and most of Oceania.

This eclipse cannot be seen in Indonesia because the moon is already below the horizon.

Even so, the public can watch the total lunar eclipse online from the NASA website or related on May 16, 2022 from 08.32 WIB to 13.50 WIB, but the peak of the total lunar eclipse occurs at 10.29 WIB.

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