Tencent Holds Women's PUBG Mobile Tournament, Prizes of Hundreds of Million Rupiah


Tencent held a women's-only PUBG Mobile tournament titled PUBG Mobile Valkyrie Battleground (PMVB) Season 1. The prizes offered also reached hundreds of millions of rupiah.

"At the PMPL ID Ladies Season 1 and 2, we saw the high enthusiasm and potential of the ladies in the PUBG MOBILE Indonesia community," said Agung Chaniago, Senior Esports Manager of PUBG MOBILE Indonesia, in a statement received by us, Wednesday (11/5/2011). 2022).

This prestigious event is also open to the public, so that all Ladies in Indonesia can participate. Where in addition to fighting for tempting cash prizes, you can also win the title of "Queen of PUBG Mobile in Indonesia" in this first season.

"By carrying the tagline 'Pretty Tough', we are committed to continuing to build the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem, which is increasingly competitive and creates strong Srikandians," added Agung.

Registration has been open since May 6-15, 2022. By carrying out a game mode similar to the official PUBG Mobile competition in general.

The ladies will be competed in Squad - TPP mode, using a calculation system. Tencent has also provided a Solo mode, for those who don't have a team.

The tournament will open with a qualifying round, featuring competition from more than 256 women's teams from all over Indonesia. Later, participants are divided into groups randomly, to compete in three phases.

Each qualifying phase consists of four rounds in the Erangel - Miramar - Sanhok - Erangel map. Then the top eight teams qualify for phase 2, then phase 3.

After that, the top 10 PUBG Mobile teams in phase 3, advanced to the league round. They will be met with 10 invited teams, and compete for three weeks, to win the big 16 and compete in the Grand Final.

PMVB Season 1 General Rules and Conditions

Indonesian Citizen (WNI).

Female gender.

Minimum age 16 years at the time of registration.

Reached minimum ACE rank in Cycle 2 Season 5.

All team members must be domiciled in the same city. In the League round, all teams must play in the same 1 place/gaming house.

PMVB Season 1 full rules can be seen at

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