Don't Cheat Playing PUBG Mobile, It Will Be Permanently Blocked


Using cheats when playing PUBG Mobile, more than 400 thousand accounts are permanently blocked. This is the data reported by the Anti Cheating Team for the period 29 April - 5 May 2022.

The activity of cleaning up these irresponsible players is often carried out by developers. The goal is none other than creating a game ecosystem that is free from illegal programs or cheats.

The operation, entitled Ban Pan, has sentenced 436,590 players to cheat. Including locking 6,013 devices, so that the perpetrators cannot do the same thing with the same device, in a statement received by us, Friday (13/5/2022).

Permanently Blocked PUBG Mobile Accounts

Bronze (33%) : 144,074 accounts

Silver (18%) : 78,586 accounts

Gold (7%) : 30,561 accounts

Platinum (6%): 26,195 accounts

Diamonds (8%) : 34,927 accounts

Crown (8%) : 34,927 accounts

Ace (19%) : 82,952 accounts

Conqueror (1%) : 4,365 accounts

With the lowest rank, namely Bronze, being the contributor to the most cheaters. Then followed by the Silver tier. Even a Conqueror classmate was still contributing with that disgraceful act.

Based on the information presented by PUBG Mobile, the most players use the Visual X-Ray/X-Ray Visionn cheat (47%). The total is huge, reaching 205,197 accounts.

When gamers activate this method, they can find out the opponent's position even though they are behind walls, trees, rocks or even inside buildings. So you don't need to bother listening to footsteps, to guess where your rival is.

Types of Cheats Used

Unreasonable speed/Speedhack (7%) : 30,561 accounts

Modified damage area/Mod Area (20%) : 87,318 accounts

Auto shot hack/Auto Aim (21%) : 91,683 accounts

Visual X-Ray/X-Ray Vision (47%): 205,197 accounts

Others (5%) : 21,829 accounts

In an effort to eradicate this, PUBG Mobile also closed a number of cheat ads circulating on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Meanwhile, if players want to contribute to eliminating cheaters, they can report via the in-game feature.

As for the other way. namely directly contacting PUBG Mobile customer service at

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