It's hard to express words, here are 3 tips for introverts to apologize during Eid


Apologizing during Eid is often awkward for introverts. Not because of mistakes made, but rather on how to express it correctly without offending the other party.

You don't have to force yourself to apologize face-to-face if you can't. Here are some psychological tricks you can try to express your apology in a more creative and fun way on Eid. Check this out!

Via Short Message

Texting is the best and most common solution to verbally apologize, even if you can't meet in person. You don't have to worry about running out of words, because you can prepare them in advance.

When your apologies and communication are enough, ending the short message isn't a big deal. No more awkward running out of topics with your interlocutor.

Send Hampers

Hampers or gifts are a unique tradition that is often used to convey apologies during Eid. Not only at the moment of Eid, you can send hampers anytime, really.

Fill hampers with snacks to enjoy or useful items. By getting a gift, who, anyway, does not melt his heart to forgive you?

Send Flowers

In addition to sending hampers, giving beautiful and fresh flowers as an apology is a psychological trick that is no less creative. A beautiful arrangement pleasing to the eye can be used as a decoration to beautify the house.

No need to bother trying it yourself, you can order directly at the flower shop according to your taste or ask to be given the best service. Don't forget to slip a piece of paper as an apology, okay?

Cook Favorite Food

Good news for introverts who like to wrestle in the kitchen. You can use your cooking skills as a sign of apology. Find out what your friends or relatives like and shop for the ingredients yourself.

Providing food to eat in addition to treating hunger is also able to foster emotional attachment. The delicious dish that you give can be used as a guarantee to apologize without the hassle of stringing sweet words.

Schedule Vacation

Gifting a vacation together as an apology never fails, you know. Quality time can help you get closer to other people and foster harmony, making expressing an apology more intimate.

Find a free schedule to travel together and enjoy the beautiful moments during the holidays. Apart from exploring new places, taking a vacation can also help improve your physical and emotional health.

You can try the psychological tricks above to express an apology without running out of words. Creating moments by sending gifts and enjoying time together can be the right choice for introverts.

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