Not Much Known, These are the 5 Facts of the First Child's Personality


There are many ways to find out the character or personality of yourself and others. Can take the MBTI personality test (Myers–Briggs Type Indicator), looking at his favorite food, to his birth order.

Reporting from Everyday Health, a psychiatrist and founder of the birth order theory named Alfred Adler, believes that a person's personality is influenced by birth order. For example, the youngest child is considered to have a loving personality, humorous, manipulative, and tends to be spoiled.

So, what is the personality of the first child? Let's look at the personality of the first child or eldest child, both male and female, below.


The character or personality of this first child is no longer a secret. They tend to be more independent than their other siblings. This is because, the attention of his parents is not only for himself, but also must be shared with his sister.

This condition makes the first child must be able to rely on themselves and eventually they get used to doing everything on their own.


The first child also has a more responsible character. Indirectly, this character grows when parents ask their first child to look after and protect their younger siblings. As a result, a sense of responsibility is formed in this number one child.


The first child tends to be a perfectionist

the personality of the first child/Photo: Milton

The perfectionist personality of the first child is based on his desire to impress his parents. Therefore, children who are born in the first order will try to do their best to make their parents' dreams come true.

This personality does look good, but on the other hand, their perfectionist personality will also make it difficult for them because they always demand themselves to look perfect.

Spirit of Leader

A great sense of responsibility in the first child, it turns out to grow their leadership spirit. The reason is, the first child is accustomed to leading himself and his sister since childhood.

However, in some children, this personality actually makes them like to command others. Therefore, the role of parents is needed so that they can direct their children's leadership spirit in a good direction.

Tend to be serious

If the youngest child tends to be more humorous, the first child is just the opposite. They tend to be more serious. Moreover, in response to an important matter.

They don't like to play. In fact, they can get angry, you know, if at important moments, their younger siblings or the people around them look relaxed and playful.

Well, those are some of the personalities that the first child has. Is it suitable for you who was born as the first child?

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