MSI Launches Computer Components With Neon Genesis Evangelion Theme


A few months ago, MSI forged a collaboration with the popular anime series and film Neon Genesis Evangelion consisting of a computer frame as well as several components.

Most recently, MSI appears to have revealed more details about this collaboration, and showcased all the components that can be purchased later. It includes the MSI MAG B660 TOMAHAWK EVA e-PROJECT motherboard, the MSI MAG CORELIQUID C240 ​​EVA e-PROJECT CPU cooler, the MSI MAG A650BN EVA e-PROJECT power supply and the MSI MPG GUNGNIR 110R EVA e-PROJECT desktop computer frame.

These components are seen present with purple and green color patterns, similar to the EVA-01 mecha color pattern guided by Ikari Shinji, the main character of the anime series. On all these components can also be seen the logo of NERV, the organization that developed the Evangelion mecha to oppose the aliens that invaded Earth.

MSI says that these components will be offered in the market around this month, but for the Malaysian market, we are still waiting for feedback from locals on whether they will be offered here or not.

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