The Google TV Application Will Be Able To Broadcast Any Streaming Platform Content Directly To TV



Google Play Movies & TV has been rebranded as Google TV in parallel with the operating system on select TV dongles and smart TVs. The Google TV app can be said to be an entertainment hub for users to view a list of movies, TV series or shows to buy, rent or view a list of content from various streaming platforms.

The app supports many streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Dinsey+ and more. In an upcoming update, Google will allow users to stream any content from any secure streaming platform from the phone directly to the user’s TV. This means that users no longer need to open other streaming platform applications, just press the Watch on button (TV name) and the TV will continue to open the proper application.

An example that Google gave, the Bel-Air TV series that can be watched on Peacock. Open the Google TV app, search for content and keep pressing the available button, Bel-Air continues to play on the TV.

The Google TV application will also be the application playback controller. For now, this feature is still in development. Google promises it will arrive this year and isn’t sure whether it’s a limited feature for Android TV 13 or just an app update.

In my review, the Google TV app in Malaysia does not support entertainment hubs for the above features. Only selected country accounts such as the United States can use this feature, Malaysia is still limited to buy or rent only.