There Are Now Over 10,000 Apps For Android TV


Google's smart television operating system, Android TV, has over 110 million active users. As early as 2020, Google began to focus on Android TV by introducing a new version of Google TV.

At the day -long Google I/O 2022 event, Google stated that apps in the Play app store for Android TV now have more than 10,000. 3000 increase over 2020 which only had around 7000 applications.

The number of these applications is for the global level, not including the limited applications by country.

While many TVs still use Android TV and not yet Google TV, it is clear that consumer interest in this platform is growing. According to Google 7 out of 10 big TV brands use Android TV and there are 300 partners working with Google for Android TV.

Android TV 13 is also being further developed giving a range of new changes from better streaming content, supporting picture-in-picture mode, 4K interface and more.

A while ago, we also reported that the Google TV application will be able to stream any content from the application directly to the TV easily.

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