TSMC Is Expected To Increase The Price Of Their Processing Chip Manufacturing Services In 2023


The world will see an increase in the price of goods in bulk, especially devices that come with electronic components.

TSMC, the world’s leading semiconductor chip maker has recently confirmed that they have started giving notice to the world’s technology companies that they will increase the price of their services by around 5-8 percent next year.

This price increase is seen as not so surprising for several reasons. The first is that as is well known, the price of raw materials such as silica and so on is still showing an increase in prices, and the second is that TSMC is now expanding their factories to locations such as Europe and so on to reduce the issue of component supply which is still somewhat plagued. world market.

However, TSMC also said that this price increase will only affect certain processing chip manufacturing nodes, most likely 7nm nodes and also 5nm nodes which are most utilized by companies such as AMD, Apple and Qualcomm at the moment.

This price increase is also seen as not so sharp compared to what happened last year where TSMC increased the price of their services by 20 per cent, when the demand for their services was seen to exceed what they could offer at the time.

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