Will Become Antiques, iPod Classic Sold in USD 100,000


Apple just retired the last generation iPod Touch and is shutting down the iPod line after 20 years. This announcement was used by many to sell used iPods at insane prices.

One of them is a collection of iPods that are sold via eBay for USD 100,000 . The collection includes four limited-edition iPods, a first-generation iPhone, a second-generation iPod, a third-generation iPod, as well as a variety of Apple accessories and memorabilia.

The seller said the limited edition iPod sold in the collection was sold in the original box, and all Apple products sold were still fully functional.

"There are very few iPods like this left in the world. It's really rare for Apple iPod collectors," said the seller in his description on eBay, as quoted by Fortune, Friday (13/5/2022).

Many other sellers offer early generation and 'ultra-rare' iPods for tens of thousands of dollars. Like the first-generation iPhone limited edition which is sold at a price of USD 45,000 and there are other sellers who offer the first generation iPod at a price of USD 23,000.

The first generation iPod was recognizable by its black and white screen and unique control buttons. The menu, play, next, and previous buttons are circular around the navigation wheel. The first generation iPod was also the only iPod model where the navigation wheel could physically rotate.

Not only original iPods are sold at exorbitant prices on eBay. Last month, the fourth-generation iPod -- which was released between 2010 and 2012 -- sold for $6,573. Another listing for the same iPod model also sold for USD 5,954.

iPods that sell for many times their original price aren't just found on eBay. Sellers are also leveraging platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Etsy to sell their old iPods at up to five-figure prices.

Seeing this phenomenon, collectibles expert Tracy Martin said he was surprised by the selling price of the iPod which reached tens of thousands of dollars. According to him, there is currently not much demand for the first generation iPod.

"There's a chance that in the next few years the iPod will become a collector's item, but I can't see the price skyrocketing -- maybe a few hundred dollars at most because there are so many products out there," Martin said.

"They (iPods) will be traded between those who appreciate the history and development of the object and want to own it for nostalgic purposes," he continued.

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