Samsung reportedly has a stock of 50 million smartphones that have not yet been sold


After the pandemic, there is an optimistic forecast that sales of smart devices will return to the pre-pandemic stage. Therefore, the production of the device was increased after facing various supply chain problems before this. But for Samsung the opposite is true with they now reportedly holding a stock of 50 million unsold smartphones according to The Elec report.

The majority of unsold stock is devices from the Galaxy A series. This is a bit surprising since the Galaxy A series is the most sold by Samsung every year. In the same report, Samsung said it will reduce device spending by 2022 to 270 million units compared to the original target of 334 million units.

The reduced demand for new smartphones is being felt by all manufacturers and not just Samsung. The combination of the economic downturn, rising cost of living, inflation and wartime conflicts in Ukraine caused demand for smartphones to dwindle throughout 2022.

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