Sarwa Application Makes It Easier For You To Read The Latest And Solid Info In Less Than 10 Seconds


The Sarwa app is now updated for Android as well as iPhone users. Through the latest update, Sarwa offers a new interface design, including reading and interaction methods such as TikTok.

Sarwa means "all", summarizing various information and news to be read in less than 10 seconds. The latest update also offers a comprehensive on-screen interface design, and a reading method by scrolling up to keep up with the latest and greatest info.

With this move, it targets young users to follow a variety of the latest news and information through methods they are familiar with - such as on the TikTok app. Users also don’t have to spend a lot of time, and can follow the news in a compact size quickly.

For those of you who are interested, can download Sarwa on Android and iPhone, as well as enjoy the experience of following the latest info that is simple and concise today.

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