5 Tips to Increase Effective and Safe Instagram Followers

 Having a lot of Instagram followers is important to maintain the existence of your brand in the future. Of course, it's not just an abundance of numbers, but followers who are really connected to an IG account, aka not a bot. Because, now many offer services for injecting Instagram followers.

Instead of paying for services that are not yet clear, you better understand the basic science. Namely tips to increase Instagram followers naturally. Although the development is not instantaneous, it is certain that your account followers are genuine people.

Followers are an important asset to help increase brand awareness and ultimately increase sales. Actually there are many tips to increase Instagram followers, as conveyed by Jerry Salim with his IG account @Dj3rry.Salim.

Tips to Increase Instagram Followers Effectively

1. Instagram Bio Optimization

Bio should not be filled in haphazardly, you must be able to provide an overview of the business in the available 150 characters. This section should include some important things such as, brand personality, clear description of the brand, Call to Action (click on the link, contact us, read more and etc.), link links

Don't forget to add branded hashtags so that followers can easily find your business and consumer feedback.

"Instagram bio is the first thing that many people see, so it should be able to tell who owns the user account," said Jerry.

For those who don't know, Jerry is a social media practitioner, especially Instagram and an expert in increasing IG followers with effective steps.

2. Experimenting Post Time

Actually there is no definite benchmark for the best posting time on IG. Each account has a different audience according to their respective interests. Some of the content is served for children, teenagers and adults. Therefore, between one account and another is definitely different.

You can take advantage of the Insights feature to find out the hours of the most active followers. The report has been written in full, regarding the scope of content and time. As a test material, you can post at different times.

Then later you can know when your account followers are most active.

3. Learn the IG Algorithm

Algorithms are how IG works to promote content to users. You have to learn it so you can reach a lot of people. The factors that make posts appear on the timeline are as follows:

· Timeliness: how recent the post is.

Interest: a person's interest based on previous activities/comments/likes.

· Frequency: how often users open IG.

Relationship: accounts that are in regular contact with each other.

· Usage: the time the user spends on IG.

· Following: a post from an account that is followed.

"Without understanding the IG algorithm properly and correctly, the reach of your content is not optimal because IG does not prioritize it to be shared with other users," explained Jerry.

4. Consistent Posting

This is an important key to continue to increase Instagram followers. You have to be willing to post content consistently, even if at first it seems like nothing has changed. However, over time it will definitely get good engagement.

The goal is for the Instagram algorithm to want to display your posts at the top of followers' feeds. Keep uploading content relevant to the theme of your account every day.

5. Try different kinds of content

Finally, you must be willing to try different types of content if you feel stuck with the current one. Even though they have consistently posted content every day, engagement and followers are still the same.

It could be because your audience is less interested in the uploaded content. Thus, the Instagram algorithm does not glance at the content to be shared with more people. It's a different story if a content is able to attract other user interactions, then IG will automatically spread it to more people.

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