Magic Rain on Another Planet, From Glass to Diamonds


 On Earth, we experience water rain. But on other planets there is a rain of diamonds to sharp glass. Diamond rain is fun, but sharp glass rain is really scary!

Exoplanet COROT-7b, is a rocky planet. The rain there is small pebbles.

Exoplanet HD 189733b has a sharp rain of glass with very high wind speeds. It's very dangerous.

Rain on Venus is not in the form of clean water, but acid rain. This is because the clouds of the planet Venus contain a lot of sulfuric acid.

Titan is a moon on Saturn with a temperature of -179 degrees Celsius. There is liquid methane raining but it happens every 1000 years

Neptune rains diamonds because it is an icy planet where carbon is compressed into diamonds.

Uranus' outer layer is a compound of hydrogen and helium and has an icy surface. There, too, carbon rains diamonds like Neptune.

Mars actually has rain, but ice crystal clouds face dry and cold conditions, so raindrops don't occur.