The Story of Bill Gates 5 Years of Fasting Watching TV and Listening to Music


 Bill Gates apparently in the past had decided to fast listening to music and watching television for 5 years. I wonder why?

Bill Gates apparently did that when he was young and was pioneering Microsoft, which was not at all well known. Apparently not enjoying music and television shows is one of his sacrifices for the sake of raising Microsoft.

As quoted by us from CNBC, Sunday (3/7/2022) Gates was still in his 20s. He just decided to drop out of Harvard campus to pursue his ambitions with his friend, the late Paul Allen.

"I stopped listening to music and watching television in my 20s. It sounds extreme, but I did it because I thought it would distract me from the software. The blackout period lasted 'only' about 5 years," the story of the person who was once the richest subscriber in the world. that world.

That strategy seems right. Because not disturbed by television or music, then Bill Gates was able to devote all his attention to Microsoft. Until finally transformed into a respected technology giant.

Gates is known to have an extraordinarily high work ethic, especially in his youth. Paul Allen once said that Gates was crazy working all night and also on weekends.

"We sometimes talk about how Bill sleeps on the office carpet. The secretary who comes in will see Bill's feet stick out. We're very hard-core," Allen said.

"Our recreational activity is just watching movies. And then we'll do programming until 2, 3 or 4 in the morning and then wake up late and do it like that again. It's a fun time," he added.