Xiaomi Showcases Tesla's Autonomous Electric Car Technology

 After confirming that it will enter the electric car industry in March 2021, Xiaomi is now showing off its new technology for autonomous cars. They seem ready to later face a big opponent like Tesla.

The technology is called Xiaomi Pilot Technology, and was exhibited directly by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun. This technology is an autonomous car control solution developed entirely by Xiaomi.

They are committed to releasing USD 500 million of data to finance the research and development team of this technology, as well as to finance the development of the technology they are staying at as the next generation of autonomous car technology.

So far they have recruited more than 500 experts from around the world for their research and development team. They have also made a number of strategic acquisitions and investments to smooth the development of the technology.

One of the acquisitions related to this development is the purchase of Shendong Technologi, an autonomous car startup. With this acquisition, Xiaomi gets access to the technology that has been developed by Shendong, also strengthened by the human resources at the startup.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi's autonomous car technology uses a full-stack approach developed in-house by Xiaomi, and the algorithm used is also developed by itself. This full-stack approach allows them to control both the hardware and software sides at the same time.

So they can make proprietary technology that, although closed, can be made changes and updates to software and hardware quickly. Then the progress so far has exceeded all expectations.

The tactic used by Xiaomi for this development is to recruit the best talent and free them to work with unlimited resources.

Some of the interesting features of Xiaomi Pilot Technology are "reserved parking space", "autonomous valet parking", and even "automatic robotic arm charging". So far, Xiaomi plans to make a fleet of autonomous cars for testing, which totals up to 140 units in the first stage of the development of this Pilot Technology.

The big target is for Xiaomi to become the industry leader by 2024, which sounds very ambitious, as the time available means it's less than a year away.

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