Ghost Is An Anonymous Group Messaging App With Built-in ChatGPT

The use of text generation services is now becoming more popular with Bing Chat being introduced to all, more and more people are talking about ChatGPT, many applications are starting to integrate this artificial intelligence feature and recently GPT-4 has been introduced as a more creative and intelligent model.

Recently a startup that calls itself Ghost has come up with an anonymous messaging app. Their application is Ghost Message which allows users to create chat groups and chat anonymously.

This means that in a group that might be filled with colleagues, school or college alumni can all send messages in Ghost mode to hide each other's identities. Making this application more attractive and safe to use is integrating the Ghost Protocol system to ensure developers have no access to user data.

Then this application also has protection for users who use abusive language, send inappropriate messages and others of the like through Ghost Ban and Global Ghost Ban which can prevent users from using anonymous messaging mode.

Ghost Message also has a built-in ChatGPT feature to ask questions and the answers will be sent directly into the chat group. This application however cannot be used by everyone, as it is limited to the iOS platform only. Account registration also uses Apple ID.

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