The Razer Atlas Toughened Glass Mouse Pad is now in Malaysia at a price of RM499

 There are many types of mouse pads available in the market. I myself have seen wooden versions, aluminum and of course the usual one is fabric with soft rubber material.

Razer recently introduced the Atlas as a tempered glass mouse pad. With the Razer Atlas, every mouse movement is claimed to be smoother without any hindrance. This mouse pad has also been optimized for use with a mouse with an optical sensor.

The pad also has a texture on the surface to ensure it is not too slippery and can also turn off no noise every time the mouse is moved. The glass used is also claimed to be durable and impact resistant.

The size of the Razer Atlas is 450mm long x 4000mm wide with a thickness of only 5mm. There is no wireless charging support or Razer Chroma RGB system included on this mouse pad. Razer also offers two color options either black or white.

In Malaysia, the Razer Atlas is sold at a price of RM499. Quite expensive for a small mouse pad because usually for this price you can get a large quality desktop pad or deskpad.

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