TikTok Banned From UK Civil Servants' Devices



The United Kingdom today officially banned the installation of the TikTok app on devices used by public servants. The instruction was given a few days after the recommendation was given because the application could allegedly be used for espionage purposes by the Chinese government through the collected data.

The ban only applies to work devices provided by the government to civil servants. They are still allowed to use this application on personally owned devices. TikTok issued an official statement saying it regretted the UK government's actions which were "misguided and driven by wider geopolitical influence".

The UK is now following the steps of the United States, and the European Union which have banned the installation of TikTok on work devices belonging to civil servants. This issue is not over with the Joe Biden administration wanting to force Bytedance to sell its stake in TikTok if it wants to be allowed to continue operating in the United States.