Ubisoft Uses AI To Generate Video Game NPC Character Dialogue



Will a career as a writer become extinct like the Dodo bird? The answer at this time is that the probability is very high since various artificial intelligence (AI) such as ChatGPT started to be used. Ubisoft announced yesterday that they have started using the Ubisoft Ghostwriter AI to write dialogue for NPC characters in the video games they are developing.

Ubisoft Ghostwriter was used to produce initial drafts of NPC character dialogue with player-controlled characters. According to Ubisoft, more realistic dialogue can be produced with the help of Ghostwriter and save writers time from doing the same thing over and over again. Focus on producing better dialogues and scripts for the narration of the main characters can be given by human writers after this.

When dialog input is entered by a human writer, Ghostwrite will provide some appropriate dialog tools to use. There are several dialogue options which are then selected by humans and can be edited for refinement.

This artificial intelligence was developed by Ubisoft La Forge itself with the help of writers working in the company. Although Ghostwriter was created to help writers work, Ubisoft is now being accused of taking the lazy way out. Their games are not known for their realistic NPC characters with the majority of them looking like robots given boring audio clips.

But until this technology is used in real video games, it is too early to say whether Ghostwriter is a failed product or not.