YouTube Lowers Criteria To Make It Easier For Content Publishers To Make Money


YouTube has now updated their policy, lowering the criteria that will allow content publishers to make money through the platform earlier than before. Through the new criteria, the YouTube Partner Program can be joined by having only 500 subscribers (compared to 1000 customers before), and also 3000 hours of valid viewing (compared to 4000 hours of viewing before).

Users are also now given the alternative to reach 3 million YouTube Shorts views – compared to the previous 10 million Shorts views. With this move, more people can join the YouTube Partner Program earlier, allowing them to generate income using the platform.

This at once allows content creators with low numbers of followers and watch hours to join the monetization program, and start making money through the YouTube platform.

For the introductory phase, this change has been active for users in the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK and Canada.

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