AI Generated Images Again Denied Intellectual Property Rights


 We previously reported that generative artificial intelligence (AI) in one year has generated the same number of images as the number of photographs taken in the 150 years of photographic technology. But all these generated images are intellectual property that cannot be held by the person who generated them according to the United States Patent Office (USPTO).

The "Theatre D'opera Spatial" image that Jason M. Allen generated using Midjourney won an art competition in 2022 causing controversy because he did not say it was not his own work. Because this image is now famous, Allen tried to obtain intellectual property rights but was again rejected by the USPTO.

The USPTO says that in order for intellectual property rights to be granted to a work, it has to be produced by a human being. Previously, the USPTO also rejected intellectual property applications for several other AI-generated works for the same reason. Despite losing again, Allen did not give up and plans to apply again in the future.