Vape Can Cause The Body's Defense Cells To Paralyze


 In the early days of electronic cigarettes or vaping launched in Malaysia, it was hailed as a cure for dangerous smoking addiction. Vape is seen as a healthier and environmentally friendly alternative. However, various studies that have been done prove that this claim is not true at all.

The latest study from the University of Birmingham, found that exposure to vape fumes paralyzes the human body's defense cells. Blood samples from study participants were exposed to 40 puffs of vape fumes. When the sample was studied, the neutrophils in the blood, which are the front line of the body's defense system, were found to be alive but paralyzed. This causes it to do its job of defending itself from attack.

Vape contains nicotine and with nicotine it has been found to have the same impact on neutrophils. Researchers now say their results confirm that electronic cigarettes are not as safe as previously thought.

We previously reported that some vape liquids have the same concentration of toxic metals as cigarettes and can also cause infertility.