Devialet Gemini II TWS Earphones Now Offered at a Price of RM2199


Devialet is a well-known premium audio brand from France that presents the Devialet Mania speaker priced at RM4500.

Most recently, they have arrived with a new TWS earphone, the Devialet Gemini II, which is the second generation of their Devialet Gemini. These earphones come with a number of improvements not only in terms of audio quality but also design.

The Devialet Gemini II features a 22 percent smaller earphone design, and a charging frame that is also 40 percent smaller than the previous model. It also comes with several ear tip options, from sizes XS, S, M and even L. The ear tip design has also been improved to allow it to be used with various ear hole shapes.

Among several other improvements shown on these earphones include active noise cancellation, or Active Noise Canceling (ANC). With Gemini II, these earphones also come with adaptive noise cancellation, where this feature will be activated based on the noise of the environment, the tightness of the earphones and others.

It also comes with two microphones that help reduce noise levels, and is said to be able to cancel wind noise even if you use these earphones in transparency mode.

These earphones also have their own app called Gemini, and with that app you can tweak settings like sound quality, shortcuts on both sides of the earphones, download updates and more.

In terms of connectivity, these earphones support Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity technology that allows these earphones to be connected to several devices at once and also Google Fast Pair if you are using an Android smart device.

In terms of battery, the Devialet Gemini II earphones are also said to come with a full charge life of 22 hours, where these earphones alone have a full life of 5 hours with the ANC function activated. The Devialet Gemini II charging frame can also be charged using a USB-C cable or wireless charging via Qi.

Devialet Gemini II earphones can now be purchased through local distributor Atlas Sound & Vision at a price of RM2199 in Iconic White and Matte Black color options, or in the limited edition Opera de Paris at a price of RM3190.

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