China Denies Government Report Banning Civil Servants' iPhones



Last week, reports emerged that the Chinese government issued an order banning the use of iPhones and foreign-made devices by civil servants, employees of government agencies and state-owned companies. Yesterday according to Bloomberg, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mao Ning denied this report.

Although he also said that China places great importance on securities and all foreign companies must comply with national laws and guidelines. However Mao Ning said China is aware of media reports of security incidents involving Apple devices.

When the original report of the ban went viral on social media, the reaction of consumers in China was positive with many saying that people should be patriotic and support locally produced products. Apple shares fell slightly due to the same report as China is a market that accounts for 20% of Apple's revenue, especially iPhone sales.

At the moment only Russia has confirmed that it has banned the use of iPhones by civil servants after they were sanctioned by Western countries after the attack on Ukraine. The Kremlin has accused Apple of colluding with the US government to spy on iPhone users in Russia.