Baldur's Gate 3 Is Coming To Mac On September 21st



The most acclaimed and talked about RPG of the year is Baldur's Gate 3. It is currently among the GOTY nominees for offering a game with no major issues on launch day and zero microtransactions that are pretty much hated. Larian Studios who developed BG3 has confirmed that this game will come to macOS on September 21st.

At this time BG3 is still in the early access testing phase for Mac users. Since its launch on PC last month, it has recorded a high number of players and is seen as the most perfect RPG ever produced based on the review scores of major publications. It was first offered to the PS5 last week.

So for Mac owners, the wait will be over in just a week. The question is whether the iPhone 15 Pro version will also be offered once since the A17 Pro chip can run the games Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding and Assassin's Creed Mirage.