iPhone Owners Can Limit Battery Charge Percentage In iOS 17

 This year there is an issue of iPhone 14 Pro owners complaining that their battery health level is already below 90% even though the device is not even a year old. When the health of the battery deteriorates, iOS can reduce the performance of the processor to ensure that the operation of the iPhone is not affected. Aware of this issue, Apple has introduced a feature to limit the level of battery charging percentage through iOS 17.

According to 9to5 March, owners can set their own percentage value of the battery will be charged. When reaching this limit the charging process will be stopped. This would theoretically solve the issue of battery health being severely compromised after a year of daily charging. Because iOS 17 hasn't been rolled out to everyone, it's not known at this time whether this feature will roll out to all iPhones or be limited to the new iPhone 15 only.

To iPhone owners, we recommend that you activate the Optimized Battery Charging feature that has been provided before. Through it the iPhone will charge the battery up to 80% before slowly reaching 100% based on the user's waking up habits for example.

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