Is it Expensive to Start Golf in Malaysia?


Golf, often regarded as a sport of prestige and precision, has gained popularity around the world, including in Malaysia. For those considering taking up golf, a common question arises: Is it expensive to start golf in Malaysia? In this blog post, we will explore the costs associated with getting into golf in Malaysia and offer insights into how to make the sport more accessible.

Golf in Malaysia: A Growing Sport

Golf in Malaysia has been on the rise in recent years, with numerous golf courses and clubs scattered across the country. The lush green fairways and pleasant weather make Malaysia an attractive destination for both local and international golf enthusiasts.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Golf

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of starting golf in Malaysia:

Golf Club Membership: Joining a golf club typically involves an initiation fee, annual dues, and sometimes additional charges for specific facilities and services. The cost of club membership varies significantly depending on the club's location, reputation, and amenities.

Golf Equipment: Golf clubs, balls, bags, and accessories are essential for any golfer. While there are options for various budgets, premium golf equipment can be expensive. Beginners may choose to start with more affordable options and upgrade as they progress.

Green Fees: Green fees cover the cost of playing a round of golf at a specific course. Fees can vary widely, with renowned championship courses charging higher rates. Some clubs offer discounted rates for members.

Lessons and Coaching: Golf lessons or coaching from professional instructors are beneficial for beginners to learn proper techniques and etiquette. The cost of lessons can vary based on the instructor's experience and location.

Attire and Accessories: Golf attire, including collared shirts, golf shoes, and gloves, is often required at golf courses. While not prohibitively expensive, it's an additional cost to consider.

Tips to Make Golf More Affordable

Public Courses: Malaysia offers a range of public golf courses that tend to be more affordable than private clubs. Playing at public courses can be a cost-effective way to enjoy the sport.

Golf Packages: Some golf clubs offer packages that include multiple rounds of golf at a discounted rate. These packages can provide value for regular players.

Second-hand Equipment: Consider purchasing used golf clubs and equipment to reduce initial costs. Many golfers upgrade their gear, making quality second-hand options available.

Group Lessons: Group lessons or clinics are often more cost-effective than one-on-one coaching. Learning with others can be enjoyable and educational.

Online Resources: Take advantage of online tutorials, golf forums, and instructional videos to improve your skills without additional costs.


While golf can be associated with luxury and expense, there are ways to make it more affordable, even in Malaysia. By carefully considering your options, taking advantage of discounts and packages, and gradually building your golf equipment collection, you can embark on an enjoyable golfing journey without breaking the bank. Golf in Malaysia offers a unique blend of beautiful courses and a growing golfing community, making it an excellent place to begin your golfing adventure.

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