LimeWire Now Relaunched as a Generative AI Platform


LimeWire was once known as a platform for downloading various pirated content such as music and movies. LimeWire was subsequently shut down in 2010 due to this offense but relaunched as an NFT platform last year.

LimeWire has recently been updated with a generative AI platform – LimeWire AI Studio. The platform allows content creators who produce digital works to share their creations and also generate opinions through displayed ads. The platform also offers subscriptions to access more generative AI models.

The new LimeWire can generate images using DALL.E-2, Stable Diffusion and BlueWillow. In the future they will be present with their own AI models as well as the ability to generate music and videos. LimeWire AI Studio is free to use but limited to 20 times only. However additional credits can be obtained through monthly subscriptions priced as low as $9.99 up to $99.

In addition, LimeWire still wants to focus on the crypto arena by offering their own cryptocurrency, the whole platform uses block chain technology and every image generated can be made into NFT. It's a bit strange why NFTs are still the focus when 95% of them no longer have value.

What do you think about LimeWire's shift in focus from a digital content downloading platform to a Generative AI and NFT platform?

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