Microsoft Awarded Backpack Patent With AI


 I have been very interested in technology since childhood. This is all due to being influenced by science fiction films with an intelligence theme with gadgets that didn't make sense at the time but have become a reality now. Just look at movies like Agent Cody Banks, Mission Impossible, James Bond, Jason Bourne and many more.

Most recently, Microsoft was awarded a patent for a backpack powered by artificial intelligence. This bag is also equipped with a camera, speaker, microphone, processing chip, connection to the Internet, storage and can communicate with other devices.

This bag is said to be equipped with a virtual assistant. It's most likely not Cortana because it's already turned off. The purpose of this bag is to help users such as when walking abroad, this bag can provide detailed instructions so that the user does not get lost, can tell the price of goods in the store, can see the environment, can remind the user to attend a concert if they see a poster on the street and more.

Is this the bag I want? Probably not because it's just a backpack with the same features on a smartphone. However it is a step forward for a more advanced wearable device. Most smart bags now simply put LED panels or object trackers and these bags, if they become a reality, may further expand the smart bag market.