There are almost 200,000 Multi-Platform Food Delivery Companies in Malaysia



The Minister of Communications and Digital today met with Foodpanda and Grab, and discussed a number of arising matters - including involving food couriers who are on duty using expired licenses and motorbikes without insurance.

The minister said, it is understood that there are almost 200,000 food delivery people on various platforms in Malaysia at the moment. This includes Grab and FoodPanda.

To overcome problems involving licenses and insurance, Grab and FoodPanda will work on a number of solutions, including displaying reminder notifications to shippers.

Previously, last year, it was said that the government was considering the need for a "rider" to require a vocational license and an age limit of no less than 18 years. However, this is still not implemented for now.

We all know the case of a Foodpanda rider's motorcycle that was confiscated in Nilai recently due to an expired license and no insurance on the motorcycle.

Today I met with Foodpanda, Grab and representatives of JPJ, KKD and MDEC to understand how a rider can work without...

— Fahmi Fadzil 🇲🇾 (@fahmi_fadzil) September 18, 2023