New Model Tesla Model 3 Launched – On Sale In Malaysia Starting From RM189,000


 The Tesla Model 3 has been updated today with several design changes on the exterior and interior. It is also finally offered officially through the Tesla Malaysia website at a price starting at RM189,000 for the rear-wheel drive model and rising to RM268,500 for the dual-motor model and FSD installed.

The only changes made are cosmetic on the exterior. The most noticeable thing done is the 19″ tire rim which looks more aggressive and the front and rear lights which are also given a new design. Tesla Model 3 has a driving range of up to 629km (WLTP), a maximum speed of 201 km/h and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 4.4 seconds.

If orders are placed now, the Tesla Model 3 will be received by customers in Malaysia later this year. Previously only the Tesla Model Y was offered in Malaysia when it entered the local market in July at a starting price of RM199,000. Although the Model Y entered the Malaysian market earlier, the vehicle will only be accepted by buyers from early 2024.