Three Drone Sports World Champions Defeated By AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) will already take over tedious tasks such as composing emails, social media content and creating graphics. Now AI has also succeeded in defeating the world of FPV drone sports. AI Swift was developed by the University of Zurich by training it for a month in the virtual world. In real-world time Swift was trained in just a few hours using a desktop computer.

It then controls an FPV drone in a match held in a hangar at Zurich's Dübendorf Airport. The Swift-controlled drone recorded a time 0.5 seconds faster than the time recorded by three human drone pilots. The three defeated human representatives are Alex Vanover the 2019 Drone Racing League champion, Thomas Bitmatta the 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing champion and Marvin Schaepper the three-time Swiss drone champion.

Despite being defeated by Swift, human drone pilots are more efficient at changing flight tactics than AI. Swift is not capable of making real-time changes if not instructed in virtual exercises.

Previously, AI IBM Deep Blue in the game of chess in 1996 against Gary Kasparov, Google AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol in the game of Go in 2016 and OpenAI Five defeated the champion OG team of The International in the game of DoTA 2 in 2018.

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