"Snake" Game Can Be Played In Spotify


 Do you remember the Snake game that was offered on the Nokia 3310? It was my favorite game in the cell phone era. Will definitely race with siblings to get the highest score.

If you want to reminisce about playing Snake, you can now do so via Spotify. This is because this audio streaming platform has more or less the same game hidden inside the Eat This Playlist.

To play Snake go to the playlist above, then press the three dot button, scroll all the way down and press the button Eat this playlist or Makan this playlist in Bahasa Malaysia.

Each music consumed will become longer and more difficult to control just like the Snake game. Interestingly, after you lose in the game room there will be a "+" icon in a small circle for you to add the music that was consumed earlier to the list of Favorite Songs. The game is free and not limited to Premium customers. In our testing it was available on some iPhones and not yet on Android.