Google Tensor G4 Reportedly Brings No Big Changes

 In less than a month, the Google Pixel 8 series will be launched. This device will be powered by Google's own chip built with Samsung, the Tensor G3. Tensor G3 is said to operate cooler than other Tensors because it uses Samsung Foundry FO-WLP.

For the year 2024, 9to5Google reports that Google will not bring any major changes to the Tensor G4. The Tensor G4 is codenamed Zuma Pro and will be built on the Tensor G3-based Ripcurrent 24 design.

Major changes to the Tensor chip will only be made through the Tensor G5 in 2025 which is expected to be used in the Pixel X or Pixel 10. This new generation chip is entirely Google's design, will be manufactured by TSMC and has nothing to do with Samsung.

The lack of dramatic performance improvements on Pixel devices can be considered disappointing. But Google has already said the Pixel is not built for high benchmark scores but rather for artificial intelligence (AI).

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