Sony Develops Energy Harvesting Module Through Electromagnetic Waves



Sony Semiconductor Solutions is a subsidiary of Sony that is seen developing various semiconductor chip components that are used not only by the company, but also by other institutions.

Recently, the company is seen to have successfully developed a component module capable of collecting energy from electromagnetic waves produced by various electrical equipment in a closed location.

According to them, this module can be used especially in factories that have many automation machines that emit these waves. The electrical energy collected from these waves can then be used to power internet network object (IoT) devices that are small and do not require a lot of electricity.

How it works is by attaching the components of this module to the metal part of the equipment being tested will emit electromagnetic waves. This module comes with a rectifier circuit that will work as an antenna and then convert this wave into electricity that will be fed to various other IoT devices, or small batteries.

Another advantage of using this module is that it can help in detecting any problems in the equipment based on the amount of electricity collected at one time.

In fact, research into ways to collect this kind of energy is being actively carried out, including ways to collect energy from light, heat and even vibrations, which are by-products produced in abundance from the activities of various types of electrical equipment, regardless of in the factory, office or home.