Amazon Launches Trainium2 And Graviton4 Chips For AI Training And Data Browsers


Amazon announced two new chips Trainium2 and Graviton2 designed specifically to train their artificial intelligence (AI) models as well as data browsers. The two chips were announced a few weeks after Microsoft announced the Maia 100 and Cobalt 100 for the same purpose.

Trainium2 is designed to accelerate the model training process up to four times faster than the first generation chip. It will operate in an EC2 UltraCluster cluster consisting of 100,000 chips. In addition to training faster, the efficiency of energy consumption is also doubled.

Graviton4 offers a 30% increase in processing power. 50% more CPU cores and 75% higher memory bandwidth compared to Graviton3. According to Amazon this provides the best value for performance and energy efficiency for various tasks performed through Amazon EC2.

Despite having its own designed chips, Amazon still offers services to customers who still want to use AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA chips.

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