Samsung Reportedly Will Rename Exynos Chips


After over a decade of writing , I've noticed a trend among readers who don't really like Exynos chips when they're used in Samsung devices. Even though it's a self-designed chip, the Exynos name has recently been associated with overheating issues and underwhelming performance. It seems that the name Exynos many people have started to lose heart. Therefore it is now heard that the Exynos name will be retired and a new name will be used by Samsung.

According to @OreXda yesterday, Samsung's self-designed chip will use the name Samsung Dream Chip from now on. This rebranding by Samsung is similar to what was done by MediaTek which changed to Dimensity from Helio and Qualcomm which used a smaller number in the name of the new generation chips.

It is still unknown when the Dream Chip will be announced and the first device to use it. Most likely through the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ series next January. Both of these devices will also be Samsung smartphones marketed as AI devices.

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